Coach Z

“The commitment to [their] music and all the musicianship within the group is truly amazing."


Coach Z has been at it since March 2018, playing shows in NYC and its surrounding area and earning quite the reputation as a jamband on the rise.  Sharing the stage with other such bands like: Cypher, Deltaphonic, Cousin Earth, Ronald Reggae, and members of Turkuaz, lespecial, Escaper, Goose, ShwizZ, Guerilla Toss, and more!


(From Left) Ben Smith drums, Sean Parlia bass, Emma G-S vocals, Matt Kochen guitar, Michael Lew guitar, sax, vocals

MGMT & BOOKING - Stagecoach Presents

Tough Voyaging

Coach Z @ The Parkside Lounge 12/15 - "Tough Voyaging"